Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Generate & Develop Ideas for your own Innovative Program, Product, Service, Project, or Initiative

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During this course you will:

1. Apply an innovation system, methods, tools and techniques for a relevant challenge you choose that you are passionate about.

2. Create more than 100 raw ideas for your innovation challenge to validate and develop into 4 concepts. Design and communicate the top concepts for your entrepreneurship or social innovation endeavor.

3. Devise your own innovation toolkit and process that works well for you. Utilize your innovative mindset and skills for other challenges in your work and life.

The learning and skill development from this Innovation and Entrepreneurship course will come from doing the activities and projects for a challenge that is real to you. This course includes hours of innovation training videos and activities to do. The videos will demonstrate the activities. The activities will help you learn the techniques to create larger projects. The project is demonstrated in Darin Eich's Innovation Step-by-Step book (and in many of the online workshop videos in the course modules). The desired outcome of this course is to master the innovation step-by-step system for different challenges you'd like to work on...and to launch ideas that have impact for you as a result of learning and doing the system activities.

As you go through the video modules, do the activities that are demonstrated for a challenge that is important to you. You will create hundreds of ideas as a result of this course. Our goal is that you will actually launch and benefit from some of the ideas you develop because they are specific to you and the impact you would like to have in our world. Perhaps you will even create your own entrepreneurial business or organization as a result of the activities and project.

At the end of the course you will submit a project that demonstrates your mastery of all 7 steps of the Innovation Step-by-Step process…focusing towards a big concept you can act on.

Note: This program is only available to enrolled Ubiquity students. For non-enrolled students, you can see Darin Eich's online programs at http://innovation.teachable.com.

Your Instructor

Darin Eich
Darin Eich

Darin Eich is the author of "Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Create & Develop Ideas for your Challenge" and "Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs." His expertise is in designing and facilitating leadership programs, innovation training, conferences, and events that are innovative initiatives. He designs activities, tools, and programs for organizations to foster a culture of innovation. He helps leaders and organizations to collaboratively innovate by learning how to do it for their real challenges while working on a real project. He lives in Madison and has a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. His practical research and simple writing zeroes in on how people can learn leadership & innovation through programs, courses, retreats, & new emerging methods...to contribute to an innovation culture.

Darin is the founder of Innovation Learning LLC and was the President & co-founder of BrainReactions, an innovation and idea generation company founded with a leadership program student that has gone on to be recognized by US News and BusinessWeek. Darin also worked to establish Innovation Trip and InnovationTraining.org, a top Innovation Training website that offers web based workshops.

Darin can be hired as a facilitator, speaker, or consultant to help your institution facilitate, create, and develop innovation or leadership programs, courses, retreats, and even conduct assessment or coach staff on facilitating innovation learning or developing innovation programs. To see more from Darin visit InnovationLearning.org or email Darin (at) DarinEich.com.

Specialties: Innovation, Leadership Programs, Culture of Innovation, Idea Communication, Program Development, Idea Generation, Entrepreneurship, Facilitation, Innovation Training, Keynote Conference Speaker, Motivational, Collaboration, Experiential Learning, Design Thinking

Class Curriculum

  Course Syllabus (Current Draft for Course Pilot)
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  OPTIONAL Module 8: Structure & Strategy for Brainstorming
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  OPTIONAL Module 9: Individual Techniques & Tools for Brainstorming
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  OPTIONAL Module 10: Facilitating Brainstorming with Groups
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  OPTIONAL Module 11: Brainstorming for Organizations
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  OPTIONAL Module 12: Conduct your Innovation Session with Stakeholders
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